nicht auf den Fehlern herumreiten

No digging into each other’s faults

„In my opinion, there are two different kinds of desires: a physical one and a psychological one. My corporal libido stopped after I had given birth to our child around two years ago. But at that time, I was so happy with my husband and I still enjoyed making love with him in an emotional way. However, I lost that desire when we started fighting and went through big issues. I personally don’t have a problem with myself having changed. Why would I miss something I don’t notice a desire for? To be honest: Asexuality for me comes along with several positive aspects: First, I’m completely out of competition. I’m not bothered about women being “prettier than me” anymore. I just don’t care what they look like. Above all, not being chased because of sexual stimulation or having the idea of being admired due to my corporality makes my life a lot more realistic and happier. I love it! I enjoy working on my ideas with other people who love my projects. I gained lots of new self-confidence based on confirmation of the attractiveness of my thoughts and not of my body. If you don’t understand: Go outside without make-up, hair undone and simple clothes. Tell something interesting. People will love you for it.“ France, Côte d’Azur 

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